Divine Hearts Foundation facilitates several life-changing opportunities for those who would like to volunteer both as individuals and as a team.

Choose one of the options below, to volunteer and contact us when you’re ready.
1) Individual
Individuals are invited to volunteer with Divine Hearts. Applications are accepted based on current opportunities. Contact our office on email: care@divineheartsfoundation.com for more information

2) Group

A person can form a group of people with similar interests to come and volunteer with us at Divine Hearts.


Divine Hearts Training Institute

We are taking the initiative to re- open our education and life skills training institute (Divine Hearts Training Institute) which will help in addressing challenges of lack of income as well as unemployment among the youth and other vulnerable groups of people. DHTI will train and teach practical life skills that will enable our clients to become self-employed and self-reliant. The school will offer certificate and diploma courses operating under the guidelines and mandate of the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Uganda.


This school will be one of the many projects of Divine Hearts Foundation aimed at promoting Education and life skills development in Uganda. The school will also help in training orphan and vulnerable children as well as refugees to enable them acquire life skills through which they can become self-sustained and self-reliant.


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