The current life expectancy at birth in Uganda stands at 57 years for both sexes. Some indicators have shown improvement in the recent past. 

Through our  “Be the Change” Mobile Clinic we exemplify our unwavering dedication to ensuring that communities have access to vital health services. This innovative initiative brings healthcare directly to underserved communities, reaching those who might otherwise face barriers to accessing medical care. The mobile clinic travels to various communities, providing essential medical services, preventive care, screenings, and even basic treatments.

Through the “Be the Change” Mobile Clinic program, Divine Hearts Foundation is not only addressing immediate health needs but also empowering communities with knowledge about health and wellness. By offering medical check-ups, vaccinations, health education, and consultations, the foundation is actively contributing to improved healthcare outcomes and better quality of life for individuals who may have limited access to traditional healthcare facilities.

This program reflects our commitment to making a positive and lasting impact on the health and well-being of communities, showcasing our dedication to being a catalyst for change and better healthcare access. We are committed to making sure that communities access health services, receive timely information and make informed choices regarding their health. We recognizes the need for improved health service delivery at community level especially among women and vulnerable children.  We also seek to contribute to the National Health policy framework and the SDGs by engaging meaningful programs and activities geared towards improving access to the minimum general health package. We therefore stretch and try to reach at least 87,500 in 25 communities in five districts of Uganda every year depending on the available resources. 

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