Newsletter – September 2023

Dear Supporters of Divine Hearts Foundation,

We are delighted to present the latest updates and accomplishments from our communication desk, all made possible by your steadfast support. Your generosity continues to bring positive change to the lives of those in need. Here’s a glimpse of our recent activities:

1. New Board of Directors: 

We are thrilled to introduce our recently elected Board of Directors, individuals who bring a wealth of expertise and unwavering dedication to steer our mission. Dr. Jeffrey McDowell has assumed the role of Chairman, with the backing of Paullet Bowles as Finance Director, Isabella Namuyomba as Secretary, Karma Denise Walton as Grants Director, Lee Rodio as Fundraising Coordinator, Benjamin Musasizi as our Founder, and Doreen Bagonza as a Member. Together, they will lead us toward even greater success.

2. New Washington DC Address:

Our organization has found a new home in the heart of Washington DC. This strategic move empowers us to enhance our work and effectively achieve our goals.

3. Introducing Our New Website:

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website, We invite you to explore the site, where you can learn more about our initiatives, celebrate our achievements, and discover how you can actively participate in the impactful projects we are currently undertaking.

4. The $12 Campaign:

 Did you know that a humble donation of $12 can provide a child in Uganda with a full day of food, clothing, shelter, and medical care? Your generosity has the power to create a lasting impact. Please visit our website to make a donation today.

5. Sponsor a Child’s Education:

 As we prepare for the third term school opening, your urgent support is needed to sponsor a child’s education. A contribution of $114 covers a child’s tuition for a three-month school term, empowering young minds and offering them the opportunity to thrive. To sponsor a child, please click on the following link: Sponsor a Child

And now, we have an inspiring update to share with you. Thanks to your support, Divine Hearts Foundation contributed to a scholarship that enabled Nakandi Betty to embark on her Bachelor’s degree in divinity at Africa University. This achievement is a testament to the tangible difference we are making in the lives of individuals.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support. Together, we are illuminating a brighter future for underserved communities and effecting meaningful change in our local and global community.

With profound gratitude,

Divine Hearts Foundation

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